XCTEQ has stopped business activities until further notice.

Our Previous Clients


RBS (Bo’)

XCTEQ is currently providing SRE and Test Automation services for the Bo’ product of Royal Bank of Scotland.


Nevercode is a CI/CD (Continuous integration & delivery) platform for mobile apps which helps companies to Build, test & release native & cross-platform apps faster. XCTEQ is boosting the content strategy of the Nevercode by writing excellent articles on their official blog and giving them feedback about their products. Codemagic is a new product of Nevercode, which is an official CI/CD solution for Flutter apps. XCTEQ wrote some popular articles on Codemagic blog too. Some of the popular blogs below


Bitbar is a cloud-based mobile testing platform. Bitbar helped companies like Googe to test their mobile apps. They have recently launched AI-powered testing bots to support the existing mobile testing effort. Bitbar cloud is amazing technology for mobile testing in DevOps. Check out all our blog post on Bitbar official blog here. XCTEQ has also created an eBook on XCUITest. Check below.



Applitools has launched an amazing learning platform for automation engineers, Test Automation University. Angie Jones, international keynote speaker in the automation conferences is Director of the Test Automation university. XCTEQ released the first-ever video course on Apple’s XCUITest tool. You can take find our course here Or Click on the image below.

XCUITest Course on Youtube