Announcement from Apple WWDC19 Keynote

Published by Shashikant Jagtap on

Apple WWDC19 has announced the various things for the users. Some of the software was anticipated but there are some awesome hardware announcements too!. There is a live blog running all over the WWDC19 session by XCTEQ which covers the latest updates on WWDC developer tools. Some of the major announcements from the developers perspective. There are some major blogging platforms like TechCrunch or some other covered the latest announcements at WWDC. In this post, we will cover what’s there for developers from the keynote.

Dedicated App Store for watchOS

As of now, developers have to distribute the watchOS apps along with the companion iOS app. However, with iOS 13 and watchOS6 it’s no longer required. Apple announced the dedicated. There is no need for the developers to code sign the watchOS and iOS bundles together. Code signing makes easier.

iOS13 with Dark Mode

iOS13 will have a dark mode with some great privacy features. Now you will get the option to sign in with Apple so that you are not tracked. There is also some flexibility for enterprise accounts to distribute iOS apps.


Apple has announced the dedicated OS for iPad apps. There is no need to build iOS apps that are compatible with the iPad. The developers will build dedicated apps for iPadOS if needed.

macOS Catalina

Apple also announced new hardware and software for macOS. The new MacBook comes is an unusual shape.


The software announcement for mac known as macOS Catalina. This macOS has some great enhancements in iTunes, Safari and Xcode. Now the developer doesn’t have to build the separate apps for the iOS, macOS and tvOS. Using the same source code, developers can build apps for all the Apple platform.

SwiftUI Framework

Using UIKit, developers have to type a lot of code to build apps. Apple announced the new framework to build UI with less code and great speed.

With SwiftUI, developers can hot reload apps using the Xcode Preview feature. The source code is generated automatically for the drag and drop of the UI elements. SwiftUI is available on all Apple platforms

That’s it for now from the keynote. More developer news after Platform State of Union session. Stay Tuned