NSTC19 Slides: Choosing a CI Friendly Mobile Automation Framework

Published by Shashikant Jagtap on

XCTEQ got an opportunity to speak at the National Software Testing Conference, 2019, UK. The conference was held at the British Museum, London organised by 31Media and Software Test magazine.

XCTEQ has presented on the topic of choosing a CI friendly Mobile Test automation framework. This talk covered the following topics

  • What are the tools & technologies available in the market to develop mobile apps?
  • What are the UI testing frameworks available for mobile apps?
  • Things to consider while choosing a mobile testing framework
  • Considering CI/CD and DevOps while selecting
  • What after making the selection?


The slides of the talk available on the SlideShare here.


XCTEQ would like to thank all those who attended the talk. The whole point of this talk was to

  • Make everyone aware of what are the latest technologies available for developing mobile apps and what are the testing tools associated with those technologies.
  • Not to recommend/suggest any tools or technologies. The choice of the tool varies from project to project.
  • Native mobile app development technologies and test tools from Apple and Google.
  • Cross-platform mobile automation tools and platform specific mobile automation tools.

Feel free to send us any feedback about the talk. Thanks!